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"an ode to all of the photos that are only polaroids"

by Abbie Hart.

Abbie Hart is a teen poet from Texas. Her work has been seen in the K'in Literary Journal, the Tipton Poetry Review, Rise Up Review, Maple Street Journal, and the CAMH Quarantine Zine, and Outta Time Magazine, and is forthcoming in several others. She is Poetry-Editor-In-Chief for the Maple Street Journal, the Literary Forest Magazine, and the name brand cola. zine.

an ode to all of the photos

that are only polaroids




you will be swept away in the flood.

you will be forgotten.

there is nowhere high enough I can leave you.

there is nowhere you can be left to dry.

you will be replaced.

you will be moved on from

as all memories

of the sixteenth year of life are.

you will be muck

at the highest point of my room.

you will be gone,

far away into industrial trash bags

with the drywall (artwork by: @klythm on IG <3)

of my childhood home.




there is no water

in my home.

but what more

can you expect

when you have seen everyone around you

lose it all

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