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"Childhood" by Prachi Chopra

scroll below to read "childhood" by Prachi Chopra; Prachi Chopra is a seventeen-year-old writer who's submitted a poem reminiscing on our childhood memories and adolescence.


When I remember those old days

When our only work was to play

Those cherishing memories make me smile

And that happiness can't be defined

Our universe revolved around toys 

I remember how we used to enjoy 

Hours seemed to be seconds 

Time just flew away 

And those are the moments we cherish 

When I remember that child 

Who used to play day and night 

Tears roll down my eyes 

Ad those days were the real surprise 

Stress was not a part of our life 

We were only found with a smile all the time 

Anger and jealousy did not knock our doors 

Everyone wants to live those moments a little 'More' 

From playing all days on the streets 

To be alone 

And stick to that 'Mobile phone' 

We all grew up

Life was full of colors 

Friendship was real 

Love was pure 

But everything faded with this tag of being 'Mature' 

CHILDHOOD - Just a word to say 

But holds thousands of memories in it 

Undoubtedly those were the best memories we keep

Thinking about all those days we cry 

But remember! 

There is a child still alive in us 

And never let it die

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