Our interview with Em Higgins <3

we had the amazing opportunity of interviewing the incredible Em Higgins;  the creator of

baby-zine, so keep scrolling if you want check out our interview with Em <3

C.M: crayon magazine Em: Em Higgins

(C.M): we’re so honored to interview such a creative and outgoing person, firstly we’d like to ask you; when did you first start planning baby-zine and when was the official launch ? 

(Em): That’s so kind, thank you so much! I had wanted to create a zine for awhile, but due to school and all that chaos, I really only got started over quarantine when I suddenly had an immense amount of free time. So my official launch was early April once I got everything situated. (C.M): we have noticed that you have many team members who are willing to share things about themselves and communicate with the audience which is truly incredible, so was it hard to find team members online or were you already close with some of your team members before the launch of baby-zine ? (Em): I agree that it can be difficult to find team members who are a great match over social media. Personally, I put out ads all over social media calling for creatives to join Baby Zine, so it kind of just took reading and comparing a bunch of applications and talking to people. I was so lucky to find such an amazing group of people! We have been taking somewhat of a hiatus recently to make way for the current BLM movement, but I’m excited to continue to work with them on more fun projects. (C.M): what was your main vision on ‘baby zine’ from the beginning? did you have a certain theme or subject in mind when you first planned out your project ? (Em): I wanted to create a zine that focused more on unapologetic creation and authenticity as an artist rather than what I feel is often an uncomfortable professionalism that plagues a lot of the magazine industry, and I feel like that ends up detracting from providing a platform to showcase the artist’s work. (C.M): so tell us about your work experience ? did you ever work with other teams or magazines online or was the world of zines new to you ? (Em): I started getting into zines by submitting to a multitude of zines and working as a regular contributor for some as well. I became very enthralled by zine culture, as it is more art focused than typical magazines, and that helped inform my decision to create one, as I had wanted to create some sort of publication for the longest time. (C.M): if you didn’t launch baby-zine where do you think you would be now, did you have any backup plans or new projects in mind ? (Em): I still am a creative in other fields, my main project as of now is continuing to grow my photography portfolio, as well as getting more involved in styling and curating while doing some freelance work. Most of my work over quarantine included expanding numerous personal projects while I had the free time, but I do think that Baby Zine was singlehandedly my most important project and the most time consuming, so it kept me busy. (C.M):so tell us in three words how did you feel when you first launched baby-zine and you noticed people interacting with your account and website ? (Em): so incredibly happy. (C.M): how did baby-zine change your daily routine and your perception of life ? were there any valuable lessons you learned throughout the process ? (Em): I think it helped me a lot with time management and organization for sure, because as I mentioned, it was incredibly time consuming and there were a lot of variables to work with. Packaging and shipping on my own was definitely a lot to work with. But perception wise, it helped me to realize that you can do anything you set your mind to. It allowed me to stop holding myself back from creating projects that seemed too far out of reach. (C.M): so finally, tell us what it felt like to have gen-z as your audience, do you feel like they have the same views on the topics you would post about or did some people have a negative perspective on your content ? (Em): I haven’t had any negative feedback so far that I am aware of, but we are still learning and growing. I think there is a nice sense of togetherness in having a gen z audience because it’s not as divisive. With so many social media apps, countless of us are viewing the same concepts and ideas on a daily basis and so there is always some similar ground. And with curating content, you obviously attract a specific audience, so I think that helps to further unify our readers. But I’m sure that as we move forward, there will definitely be a plethora of challenges.