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our interview with @hhappytoastt

scroll down to read our interview with the talented @hhappytoastt



(C.M): well to begin with we’re big fans of your 2000s/ nostalgic vibe, so could you tell us what influenced this theme or what made you interested in y2k culture in general?

(HT): well, I’m big fan of the 2000s it gives a great sense of comfort and the feeling of nostalgia and childhood so it influenced me just anything that belongs to

2000s era I just love it . it gives me so much inspiration.

(C.M): so tell us, what excites you currently, or what are you looking forward to, do you have any new projects in mind?

(H.T): at the moment I’m looking forward to work on bigger things and grow more audience also work on more creative content I’m planning to do\ share.

(C.M): so tell us about your online store “lava dreams” we love the clothing and accessories you sell, so could you elaborate on the initial vision you had for the store and how it’s been going so far?

(HT): my visions for my store is to start a clothing brand expressing myself through my own art I want to keep it unique and different because I’m all about stepping outside the box and expressing your true self . it is a great journey I’m surprised and so overwhelmed by the support and love I receive from my customers they for sure do give me the motivation to keep going.

(C.M): can you tell us about any difficult situations you’ve had to face through social media and how you overcame them ?

(HT): social media is a great place to build your own platform but sometimes facing judgmental people who love to bring down other people is the worst to deal with. being myself who loves to express herself through fashion and art etc I dealt with very hurtful words from people on social media because IM stepping out of the comfort zone but I taught myself to not let them affect me in any way as long I’m doing what I love and not harming anyone at the end haters will always hate.

(C.M): If you didn’t have your platform where do you think you’ll be now ? or what would you be working on ?

(HT): if I didn’t have a platform I think I would be doing what I always do making art and being creative it gives me a boost of happiness.

(C.M): can you describe your work in 3 words that sum up your content?

(HT): well I never do stick to one -aesthetic – the word everyone uses these days but to sum up my content in 3 words I would say colorful, abnormal, and nostalgia for sure 3 words aren’t enough though.

(C.M): can you tell us about any shows or movies that have an influence on your current work and platform ?

(HT): if I share my favorite list it won’t end I can’t choose there’s so many that inspire me I watched so much growing up it influenced me to have a big imagination I always make sure to look at the cinematography the set the small details .

(C.M): what’s your vision for the future ? do you see your photography or work being part of your future ?

(HT): I’m really excited for the future for sure my hobbies and talents will be part of it I want to do bigger things and having a successful business with a growing platform

(C.M): thank-you for answering everything that’s all for today and we hope you enjoyed answering our questions

(HT): Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity it means a lot I’m happy to be interviewed xx

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