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Our interview with Emma Lyon <3

Well, to start off, tell us more about Emma Lyon; who is she and what does she enjoy doing? 

Hello, I'm Emma Lyon! I am a 21-year-old woman living in the mountains of Utah. I love rainbows, halloween, and the 80's. I am intrigued by true crime, anything paranormal or spooky, or creepy in general. In my free time, I enjoy thrifting, watching movies, driving up and exploring my nearby canyon, spontaneously traveling with my cooler half Isaac, and many other things!

Who are your role models when it comes to the art world? Are there any specific female artists you enjoy following and keeping up with?

I have many heroes in the art world. One of my very favorite artists who has been a favorite of mine for years is Angela Deane. She works with old postcards and pictures to make something creepy and adorable, like ghosts lounging by a pool on a summer day, or some flowers with gaping mouths. As for other modern female artists, I love the art of Alice Snow, Grimes, Beth Hoeckel, Nogobed, and many more. I also love past artists like William-Adolph Bouguereau, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, John Singer Sargent, John William Waterhouse, and Francisco Goya. 

Now tell us about your work experience? Have you ever worked on something related to your art and creative side? Any projects? Or internships maybe?

When it comes to my work experience, I had an opportunity to share my art at my last job. I worked at a hipster vintage store called "Unhinged." It was a blast and a lot of the things sold there were made by local artists. Since I worked there, I was welcome to sell my art. I sold hand drawn stickers, votive candles with icons like Danny DeVito and Lady Gaga, prints of my digital art, etc. Unhinged also hosted art shows once a month on the second floor and I had a chance to exhibit my art there a couple of times. I've also been involved in other local art shows for female artists, one with a very prestigious art school, at my university, and more. With the pandemic currently happening, I haven't been able to really go out and show my art, understandably; but I am working on new projects daily!

 How did social Media change your viewpoint on your work? Did you find it hard to work while being watched by an audience?

Social media is very interesting to navigate as an artist. One thing I discovered is that sometimes I won't be able to do art that I enjoy, and that's okay. I realized that I will get commissions from people that I might not necessarily feel excited about doing, but it'll make me a little better of an artist and get me one step closer to where I want to be as an artist. I surprisingly haven't been too stressed about people seeing my art. I use my art to express who I am and what I am interested in, and I guess I like turning that into something people can see. I know that some people don't like my art, especially when it gets a little morbid or unsettling, but I figure they can just leave my page if they don't like it!

 Can you describe your personality in four words?

dorky, but good-intentioned. :-)

Do you have any movies or shows in mind that influenced your style or thought process?

I am constantly inspired by movies and TV shows. One of my favorite movies is "Beetlejuice." It's very colorful and upbeat (and from the 80's, so naturally I love it). It's still very spooky but the color makes it all the better. I established early on that I wanted my art to be like that. "Over the Garden Wall" is a TV show I really enjoy. It's an adorable little show, and it has some creepy elements that make it super exciting as well. Other shows and movies that have inspired me greatly include: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Twilight Zone, American Horror Story, Scream Queens, Moonrise Kingdom, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and too many more to count.

Finally to sum this up, what female creator would you choose to work with if given the opportunity?

If I could work with any artist, it would probably be Grimes. She has really paved her own path and been through so much to get where she is today, and I would be honored to work with someone as unique and brilliant as her.

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