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"Turnabout Autumn" by Amy Vargas

continue reading to check out Amy Vargas's poem "Turnabout Autumn" <3

Turnabout Autumn

Just when you think the river would

continue flowing upstream

The trees by the bank start changin’

There’s a shift in the current

Turnin’ ‘round the corner of a new season

Nothing ever stays the same,

with new winds come change

The descending leaves turn onto their side

To reveal a new face

The sun tucks itself cozy behind the clouds

With daylight peeking through

“Is it warm out yet?”

No, it’ll be cold for a while

What was once nurtured and blossomed

Begins to wither and gray

All things will fall and be carried away

On the back of an autumn breeze,

showing mercy to none

Try hard as you can

To hold onto what’s precious

‘Round the bend of the next season

It will be gone

All things are meant to fall

A new love will come a new day

One that can withstand the cold

However, for today

You’ll have to let go

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